Artist Statement

Mara Sfara creates visually stunning works to develop and inspire people to appreciate nature and all the creatures who inhabit our world. Sfara seeks to understand, maintain, and enhance the lives of all beings. Sfara uses her art as a platform to encourage people to appreciate the benefits of a healthy, symbiotic relationship with nature and animals.

Lucite Sculptures


The making of a Lucite sculpture.

Aqua Sparkling Lucite Bunny

Chinese Zodiac 2023 year of the rabbit.

My aqua sparkling bunny sculptures express my admiration of the loving nature, need for companionship and intelligent and expressive eyes of rabbits.  Unlike humans, rabbits are able to live together peacefully, in harmony with other rabbits.  We should aspire for a world in which humans can live the same way.   The smooth forms used in my bunny sculptures allow the viewer to experience a visual merging of shapes to make a representation of a rabbit.  The bunny sculptures are devoid of life’s imperfections and sparkle like precious gemstones.   A life well lived includes animals.

The Pink Sparkling Lucite Bunny


A large magnificent Pink Sparkling Lucite Bunny brings out the child in everyone.



Farmington, CT

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