Icelandic Glacier’s: Pink and Blue Sunset

The sun setting on the Icelandic Glacier was an enchanting experience.  The colors of a rainbow was in the clouds over the rainbow.  The rainbow over the glacier was unique in my experience, different from ones I’d seen before.  The rainbow seemed like it was spreading around me. This experience impacted my life and my artwork.

The brilliant sunset in this painting is another one of my experiences that I wish I could capture and I could share. I think of the world song, the colors we are air beaming from the sun adjacent to the smells and sounds of the waters. Life would be different, but at that point, I wanted to decide what it meant to paint a cloud, and this was quite a crowd, beaming with orange against the green in the blue. I fell in love with his cloud point. I decided he was going to dedicate much of my life to the conservation of such natural treasures.

Oil on Canvas

H 37.5″ X W 37.5″ X D 2”

Argentina: Blue Clouds & Mountains

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Icelandic Glacier’s: Pink and Blue Sunset

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