Blue Sparkling Lucite


The vastness of the sky and the oceans is fitting for the magnificence and majesty of elephants. Blue is also a calming color that can help promote peace and tranquility, which is an excellent representation of the gentle and peaceful nature of elephants.

I have a passion for elephants and appreciate their intelligence and gentleness. They indeed are remarkable creatures, but, unfortunately, they face so many human threats that endanger their survival. We must raise awareness about the issues facing elephants, such as habitat loss and poaching, so that we can work towards protecting these fantastic animals.

Having a physical representation of the lucite sculpture elephant is important to me. Having something that reminds us of the beauty and importance of these animals can help us connect with the memories and emotions associated with them.

The power of storytelling is indeed unique, and it’s amazing how stories can teach us valuable lessons and inspire us to take action. By sharing stories about elephants and their importance, we can raise awareness and inspire others to appreciate and protect these amazing creatures for generations.

This is good

H 5.5” X W 9.5” X D 5.5”