Two Fish – Wrasse and Trigger

Mara Sfara’s painting “A Wrasse and Triggerfish Deep in the Water” features a colorful wrasse and a triggerfish swimming together in the deep blue sea. With its vibrant green and pink scales, the wrasse swims gracefully alongside the triggerfish, whose bright orange and black stripes contrast beautifully with the surrounding blue water.

As the two fish swim deeper into the ocean, they encounter various other sea creatures, from shimmering silverfish to jellyfish schools with long, flowing tentacles. Despite the dangers that lurk beneath the sea’s surface, the wrasse and triggerfish swim fearlessly and confidently, their colors sparkling in the sunlight that filters down.

As they journey deeper into the water, the wrasse and triggerfish develop a special bond, communicating with one another through a series of twitches and flicks of their fins. They work together to navigate the maze-like coral reefs, dodging obstacles and avoiding predators.

Finally, as they reach the deepest depths of the ocean, the wrasse and triggerfish stop, hovering in the water as they take in the beauty of their surroundings. They look out into the endless expanse of blue, their colors blending in perfect harmony that reflects the peace and tranquility of the deep sea.

Mara Sfara’s painting captures this moment of beauty and harmony, showcasing the vibrancy and life beneath the water’s surface. It reminds us of the magic that can be found in even the most unexpected places and the importance of working together to overcome challenges and find our way through the world.

This painting was a college graduation painting for my daughter’s friend Elm. It’s a rather large painting with a group of his favorite fish.

Oil on linen

H24″ X W20″

Two Fish Painting

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Two Fish – Wrasse and Trigger

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