Two Horses in Love

The viewer can recognize that the painting “Two Horses in Love” clearly demonstrates the emotional gravity of love between horses. 

Horses are often used in therapy and therapeutic settings precisely because of their unique ability to interact with and respond to human emotions. Their sensitivity, non-judgmental nature, and keen observation skills make them valuable partners in various forms of equine-assisted therapy, including equine-assisted psychotherapy and equine-assisted learning.

Here are some critical aspects of how horses can be effective in helping individuals deal with a range of emotions, including love, loss, and grief:

* Emotional Sensitivity: Horses are highly attuned to humans’ emotions and body language. They can often detect subtle emotional cues and respond accordingly. This sensitivity allows them to mirror and reflect the feelings of the people they interact with.

* Non-Judgmental Presence: Horses provide a non-judgmental and accepting presence. Clients in therapy settings may find it easier to open up and express their feelings when working with horses, as there is no fear of criticism or judgment from the animals.

* Immediate Feedback: Horses offer immediate feedback through their behavior. A horse may respond with nervousness or resistance if a person is anxious or upset. Conversely, if the person becomes calm and centered, the horse is more likely to cooperate and be at ease. This dynamic can help individuals recognize and regulate their emotions.

* Building Trust and Confidence: Establishing a connection with a horse, earning their trust, and achieving a cooperative partnership can empower individuals. It can boost self-esteem and self-confidence, which is particularly valuable for emotional challenges.

* Metaphorical Learning: Equine-assisted therapy often involves extended exercises and activities with horses. These exercises can help clients explore and process their emotions safely and symbolically, making it easier to address issues related to love, loss, grief, and other emotional experiences.

Horses can engage with and facilitate emotional exploration and growth in humans. Equine-assisted therapy can be a valuable tool in helping individuals navigate their feelings, build coping skills, and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

The theme of being in love is seen throughout my artworks.

Created 2021

Oil on Linen

Framed H 40.5 X W 52.5 X D 2

*All products are created to be permanent. We use reusable boxes, to help reduce carbon emissions being produced by deforestation, and recycling papers.

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Two Horses in Love